Thursday, March 31, 2011

Right Here?

April is coming~~
My parents and my sister are going to Ching Tau (China) for travel so from 1st of May to 5th of May... Gonna be alone beside my mate... LoL
What to do? Not really much and actually just normal~~ A talk are going to held on Saturday at Chinese University which is talking about Liberal Studies <-- A suck subject from HONG KONG GOV........
what's more... gonna have an issue on Sunday which is for people who suffering from the BiG business guy... all of it is in the Blogs Calendar Below......

Just back from a retreat... Think about much... whatever it was...It is a good Chance!!!
btw... not just gonna ONLY meet Suzanna but also nub-_-.... It will be fun, I just know it

P.s. Never ask Why, ask Why Not!! National Geographic Channel - Live Curious

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Suzanna is in Sydney... Gonna meet her there?? Waiting for her reply!!! Hope I could... Miss her LOT!!!
I have write on her wall ready... Let see what's gonna happen!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thousands of Changes

When the Australia news go to the ears of Luke... Things have been changed Again....
The day of travel form June to July, changed to The beginning of April..and finally is 20/4 to 10/5.
I have found a Qantas Flight before just cost me even less than $6000.
but now date have been change!!!!
Virgin is a good choice now it is just 6,085 but Qantas is 6,195 and I need to leave at 19 April instead of 20 April
For Qantas is leaving on 19April night and arrive on 20April.
Virgin Atlantic will be the original plan leaving on 20 April night and arriving 21April morning
Let's see!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Problems!!!!!...Breaking News

The trip looks alright and find until today!!! Terence are having conflicts with his parents... which is talking about his usage of allowance. As I have heard, he has spend like few thousands to buy new clothes and bags.... so they crab and scream and argue.... like still $800 left for him. If Terence not going to, Boyffy will not be there too since he dun want to too much time with the freak!! I am asking Jason to go. He got money and everything but he is not satisfied about his result so he decline my offer.Hope I could ask him to go with me so we could have happy time and someone to protect me from the freak.

Beside of this... There are few breaking news like Anson our second English teacher in F.4 are going to leave soon!! He will leave in two weeks as I have been told. Also, plans have been change due to the calendar of Redfield. Redfield will have holidays start from our arrival and school start one to two days after our departure so that my plans change to staying after the exchange instead of before.

As the previous note, I have think about that I could go one or two days earlier so that I could have some museum and everything but due to the three weeks holidays there, which means nth to do after the first week...(I guess) I would rather stay after so that I will not go to the  sight which I am interest for two times!!

I may go to Blue Mountain...and have some fun there... Let's see what will happen~!! Looking forward on the deals and offer given by YHA

Monday, February 7, 2011

Planning the Trips

....I am finding a hostel and try to get to Australia one day or two days earlier depends on the price of the bed so that I can have some fun there~~

Finding cheap and clean hostel and will get the YHA membership at Hong Kong for just HKD50.... so excite on it~~

with a new single of Sam "Start again" to end this^.^

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trips and Actions are waiting for me

I will go to Australia on 19June to 27July and just cost me the air ticket since the event are organized by school and just 4 of us are going there, so they could have some host families for us for free just like we have invited them to our place~
This is our brother school Red Field College:

Also I am going to World Youth Day on August to Spain for like three weeks from the 1st week to the 4th week.
World Youth Day is an international event for youth of Catholic. It is a huge event for us, Hong Kong had host a Asia Youth Day on previous year, it had a huge success too!
I will soon have more informations for all of you guys

Go and Check out my calendar at the bottom to know the dates~~