Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What about Life? What's yours?

Life is a long process of learning and if you can bother for taking "20mins" of yours right now, I would like to talk about it with you.

Now, First take a deep breath and calm, Clear up whatever on your hand in your brain and simply.... Read gently for your brain to think about it :)

Life are all about learning, Learning to care, to love, to be happy, more so.... To be cared, to be loved, to learn the peace that it exist right now but not the noises around it, sometimes... It's just not about the black words that on the paper it matters but also the emptiness of the white or at the same time the purity of it.

Life are meaningless without mistakes, decision and struggle within it because those at the same time, are experiences... Most time, unique ones... No one do the right thing all the time but don't make it to be a privilege of yours or an excuse for yourself to do wrong things coz to realize and not to commit the same mistakes is the point and eliminating the errors and turn them to the right things again are the key.
Never ever say sorry if you don't mean it By saying it may just make things look better at the moment but sometimes you have to express what you really think, not what others want you to think or what they suppose you to think. as said, the best is yet to come...

When you know there're something that you should do but you don't just because you're afraid that's not the right time even you know it's the right thing or actually just because you're scared. There's actually a word for me to describe those people... "Stupid"... Coz the regret afterwards, the hurts afterwards are just going to make you or the other one feels like crap and you will be just think that I should have done that earlier but the moment had already past and nothing can be undone or... done by you. Do things because you want to... but sometimes what you want to do can be caring someone else so if you do things that you normally don't just never give out false feelings as sometimes some things are just better off being clear... I know you know what I mean if you're reading this as most people just don't wanna lose things in their life that's why they pretend, they hide it but after all things will expose at the end. Don't even ever think of even for just trying to predict how the story will ends in your life coz you are not gonna be able to.

People often told me they are struggle within decision but mostly if you need them to have an immediate decision, they actually do know what they want! People or even you telling people what you're struggling between and why, most of the time... It's just because you wanna assure yourself by someone else mouth that it's a hard decision and it's right to struggle but deep down there, people do know what they want but they are just trying to use this struggle to justify their acts so it doesn't feels strange. 
Though knowing yourself what you want and not living in the mist that you created yourself is pretty important too! If you do all the things that you don't want the most and by doing all of them make you lose the thing that you want the most and your life needed the most, it may just bring you regrets. You may pretend not to see it but you will remember it all your life i promise. 

For me thinking all the things that you have done are not that amazing nor the best part but all the things that you wanted to do if you know How to do it and you're going to but not just saying it. It's way sexier to care and love, to give before it has been asked for. It's way hotter to do things instead of just dream about it.

Thinking how much it's impossible is not smart but realizing what makes you feels like it's impossible and try to make the impossible possible. Even tho sometimes there're something that is really truly impossible as there are things that you can't change but stay strong and be confident because you know what yourself are capable to do but not doubting by things that you're not.
It's better to understand not just the way you want it or like it because there're always reasons for why people say things.

Never just take things in a single perspective for those are what people inputs you in your brain as a single side story is alway dangerous. When we talk about Ethiopia, is it poor. Babies with big stomach and skinny body are what's in your mind? Now it's your turn to know more about it: 

Click Here ----> Chimamanda Adichie, the dnager of a single story

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chapter 3

Simple and easy, make today of yours better, make others days better.

Love for many people, it’s simple but for many it’s just super complicated…
After all, it’s all about flexibility, it’s all about you knowing what you want, what you need… Feelings catching your right and so… you never know what’s going on coz when you’re in love, you are just so confuse and the most ridiculous thing is, you didn’t know you are! You thought your mind is clear, you are doing what you like to do, what you want to do, you thought your mind can’t be telling you something which is wrong, in fact, you never know what’s going on.

On feelings, the most stupid thing that I ever thought is, you try to stop and avoid yourself getting into anything just because you think it’s dangerous or you think you shouldn’t do it. Machine can make decision, Human can make decision, the only differences between are our love and care with each other. The fact that people care change things.
Do you think you’re too small to change the world? In fact, a by just saying a simple can easily make a day of someone. Isn’t that easy and normal? Just try to do it and see that smile from someone, it may not work in the first time but second or third, you will have it and you may just start to enjoys it.