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Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's move on to 2012

This blog maybe becoming the only way that i can talk whatever I want to... or maybe not...idrk
Man always love to conclu what they have done in the year when it comes to the end, 
but when u conclu it, u have actually forgot lots of it
so last year, there's an application on Facebook,
rewinding all your status on the previous year!
It is kind of surprise!

Just to look back your message,
Last year you were still texting "I love you" with someone,
There's a big change within this year
so who are u gonna miss at the next new year Eve...
or u gonna have someone besides u that u still haven't meet this year?
a year is a short time, it's just a page in your life
but you in the time
no matter is sweet or pain,
time going by second and seconds
so a year can also be such a long time

How many years you have in your life?
once it has limit, you know that you can't have everything,
just when u know there're only about sixty thousands meals in your life,
you will not wanna waste it on an instant noodle
u always thinks that life is long
so u will have thoughts and don't wanna affect the life later on
all the time, I think I am too nervous
and i will always try my best to see someone,
to talk with someone
and i think, am I too aggressive, is it right? 
Last year, I found out that
I always think, if I don't do it now,
don't do it today, you may have the chance to do it again
maybe is not the right time anymore:
just like when u wanna comfort a friend
and if he recovers at the other day,
and u go to comfort him, aren't he gonna face that unhappy again?
even if u said it, he can't feel your care anymore.

What u wanna today, do it
and u afraid you didn't have the chance again,
that is the "Doomsday Syndrome"
although sometimes you just feel like you're being push by yourself
but when u look back, why not?
at least u didn't have the regret: Why I didn't do that?
Live with No Excuses, Love with no Regrets.

This year I have been not being honest, not speaking to you direct
someday when we were just talking
I have written on Facebook that I have never regret before
and I think he saw it
because for me,
the only regret is now.
This is the year of lost,
it is u, the only thing i have regret and lost

From the time I lost it last year,
whoever is it, when I feel the same again,
I just catching every single moment tight.
coz only that would make the way I have go through be meaningful,
and make the mistake I have taken be worthy
because of the me in 2010
make the me in 2011
and because of ant. in 2011
got the me in the brand new me in 2012
aren't u the same?
now I don't fucking care anymore....
not saying this from my heart maybe,
but at least I have others to distract me and I start to relax...
I told myself, he is just another jerk/asshole so chill...
I would still love to meet up but before that he has to go for a check
and yea actually I still care about him... just too much
coz I wanna Love with No Regrets~

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Complete of soul or empty?

In the seven days God creation, God get a rib from man and made woman,
and said all the man and woman are finding the other half of them which has lost.
When u found it, life will change and become complete.

if we break apart from the compete, you will be go on alone by your own,
your soul will be empty or get crush.
The feelings of empty and crush have surrounded me by all the movies recently...
and also some of the things happened recently.

like the movie from the lucky special meet up by the characters,

then they broke up with each others.. makes them wanna die from the lonely... 

and seems lonely will dry up life and makes everyday without colours like a black & white movie.
They stop to have feelings about what's happen besides them, 

sitting in a castle looking the changes from the windows, 

months and months go on but their heart never change,

 they can't feel the joy, the happiness and sadness... or even the temperature outside...
How much love u need to offer to make your soul feel empty when u broke up?
How much miss u need then you will feel your soul being tear apart?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to forget someone fast?

It takes me forever(a long period) to forget someone I used to love even if the relationship lasted for a long period of time. You might think that I am emotionally strong or that i am an exception but the truth is that I suffered for more than a year after my first breakup and then after reading about love’s psychology I developed some kind of immunity to breakups.
...maybe english will be better...let's put it into Google Translate
Obviously did not have before, but feel the loss of taste.
Obviously not close before, but felt from far away.
Obviously did not tell the truth before, but feel they have been refused.
Obviously did not fight too, but feel they have been defeated.
Obviously did not pay off, but it felt a waste of effort.
Obviously not a sword pierce the heart, but my heart will not feel complete, but apart.
If the mood to tell you feel troubled by it? 
Will you understand my feelings?
Will you accept me?
Or so the distance between us farther?
I know the percentage of failure is high, so I did not dare try.
Also never thought that from happening. But they want to know your mind.
Can you have some heart-pounding feeling because of me?
Can you tell me I appear before you in mind? Did you know?
If I have occupy the time you heart for 60 seconds.. I am pleased to see.
Could you tell me did you never like me?
No matter a week, a day or a second... ...
I may not have any answer(s) until the end of my life! and you do not know my feelings, I do not know how you feel. I am painfully in love with you in the dark.
You have crush on someone else's, will capture this feeling. Mute silence to eat it.
I know that if you dun say anything, you'll have no answers and you'll be half dead like zombies.
In fact, really a little abuse themselves. Why do not the bitterness of the heart to tell him / her?
Perhaps, he / she will understand. Even for real only when you are friends, if you are a true friend, he / she will not avoid you. So you get relief. Well better than to make their own regret.
Now take your courage to tell him / her: "I love you." "As long as he / she being on the line." I do not believe this old-fashioned theory. Look at him / her together with others, do you really sincerely happy for them? Is it in your heart, do not pressure children jealousy?
Please, do not own as a saint. However, the confession of a large object is before the embankment is single. Or you may destroy the happiness of others has become the culprit. 
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