Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love- Part 1, what is it even?

**Written some time ago but no time to post it always coz it's not yet done but i just decided to have part 1 and 2 so my blog isn't too empty or update too less :p""

Some people say Love is not the most important in relations but sometimes it just helps a lot coz Love can be so STRONG.
You may just change your principal for you one you like and really love. Some people thought they can never deal with someone who smoke but they just suddenly go fine with it coz a human is way more then that, it’s not just a single part.

            Always up to different things and try before you know. It’s stupid to regret for something that you didn’t do when you had a chance to do it.

            No one can ever 100% sure about anything but sometimes you just think this guy/girl is something special… it’s just the beginning of them. Try to know, give out your love and care coz the other will just do the same and you will at least have a good friend coz trust me they can feel it maybe not immediately but they will after some time. Maybe they realize late but have patient till you move on, it’s always nice to have one more friend. Are you going to have? It’s all about your attitude to your friends, no matter is new or old, it’s just matter of time to change that.

            What is even Love?
Is it like the song?

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extra ordinary
E is even more then anyone you adore
Love is all the thing I can give….


If they say why why
Just tell them that’s it’s human nature.
Is it just that simple?

Someone said that the one you love the most doesn’t mean will be with you forever, maybe it’s true but I will It’s true for the time being but trust me at the end you will just found the one if the last one didn’t work, just have the hope and wait coz when u really love is not even about appearance coz i.e for me personalities it’s even way more important, not saying it’s not at all but just the right feelings is the KEY. Coz if you don’t feel good about someone even it’s really hot and good looking, it’s nothing (Exclude you’re just finding an ONS lol)
If you’re really finding the one or a longer relationship, trust me, a good personalities and good feelings bring you way far then the good looking and Hotness… ofcoz it’s cool to have both :p

The way the person are, is more important perhaps….
Personalities win someone as long term but if you don’t have a fine appearance to gain a short term to develop is kind of hard I guess.
For me I usually can’t deal with anyone below 25years old coz I need some people who have a brain and not too childish. Usually above 27 will be fair enough and better :p