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Friday, May 20, 2011

Issue No.1

Overpopulation or Lack of population ?

Why this?... In our Religious Studies and Ethics lessons,
we are talking about marriage and it brings to population.

so everyone know that, there's is plenty of water all the time.... but they are in Ocean~
so Fresh-water...which mean water we could drink...Hmmm....just 3% of water world...
and in this 3%... the surface water.... is like 0.9% in this 3%! In this 0.9%,
more than 85% is from Lake... so actually...
we do use underground water. It take 30.1% of our Fresh water...
and Yes... we have icecaps and Glaciers... it contains lots of water!!!
so could earth handle more population than now?
Human being is destroying the world and the resources are being used up soon as predicted.
Look at this poster: dun go over the small words... make an action to world population.
mean having birth, or don't?
Maybe we should let time to prove it! anyone here about the 21 May dooms day?
We are at 21 May American......
maybe it just not gonna happen...LoL
wait for 2012?.....