Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year, New Hope, New Wish?

I am sorry as I have typed this a long time ago but never enough time to post it or basically I am just lazy but here you go as it's still January, I made it lolool Happy New Year!
2nd January 2013

In the western people always think have plans for next year, what’s your for last year, do you still even remember? Have you done your 2012 checklist before the end of the year or things that are planned are coming true?

I have mine and I am fulfilling it, I am satisfy…

This year I am studying aboard, ticked
Done a good few travels around Asia and some when now I am studying in Seattle. Went to Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and the beginning of the year now I am doing Qingdao and Shanghai. I am all glad that I have the chance.

This year I have been knowing more friends, having more fun, just knew someone that is kind of special to me and looking forward to know, to love and to care as me always. What’s life for you? Tons of struggles? Tons of pressure?

Do u even know what yourself want? What yourself truly needs deep down there? What crossed your mind when you read this question? What do you feel?
Emptiness? a faces that make yourself have a smile on? A place, a world, a feeling you finding? Realizing what you want even just for short is important so life become more meaningful then chasing things for that you don’t even know why you chase it or many people chase things, to study, have a degree, to earn money just because they are trying to be success in someone else eyes. Just remember and never forget it’s your life after all, not others, unless you love a lot that you give what you can to someone else even it hurts you. Don’t do things just because the society tell you it’s right thing to do but what you really think.

            I hate drama myself so much but there’re no problem for following your own feelings, your true feelings, It’s never too much if it’s your own true thoughts and feelings and it can’t be a drama, its just your true emotions.

            Time to set up a target now and do whatever you can for it, new year, new wish, new hope, go for what you want and have it. Do your best so you can’t regret of it, no one will ever blame you if you have done your best, if there’s someone blame even they knew it all and whole situation, it’s yourself.

but maybe the first one will be...... finish whatever target I set up previous years that i haven't archive? :p

            Happy New Year!
Best Regards
with all my love and care
Felix Him