Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What about Life? What's yours?

Life is a long process of learning and if you can bother for taking "20mins" of yours right now, I would like to talk about it with you.

Now, First take a deep breath and calm, Clear up whatever on your hand in your brain and simply.... Read gently for your brain to think about it :)

Life are all about learning, Learning to care, to love, to be happy, more so.... To be cared, to be loved, to learn the peace that it exist right now but not the noises around it, sometimes... It's just not about the black words that on the paper it matters but also the emptiness of the white or at the same time the purity of it.

Life are meaningless without mistakes, decision and struggle within it because those at the same time, are experiences... Most time, unique ones... No one do the right thing all the time but don't make it to be a privilege of yours or an excuse for yourself to do wrong things coz to realize and not to commit the same mistakes is the point and eliminating the errors and turn them to the right things again are the key.
Never ever say sorry if you don't mean it By saying it may just make things look better at the moment but sometimes you have to express what you really think, not what others want you to think or what they suppose you to think. as said, the best is yet to come...

When you know there're something that you should do but you don't just because you're afraid that's not the right time even you know it's the right thing or actually just because you're scared. There's actually a word for me to describe those people... "Stupid"... Coz the regret afterwards, the hurts afterwards are just going to make you or the other one feels like crap and you will be just think that I should have done that earlier but the moment had already past and nothing can be undone or... done by you. Do things because you want to... but sometimes what you want to do can be caring someone else so if you do things that you normally don't just never give out false feelings as sometimes some things are just better off being clear... I know you know what I mean if you're reading this as most people just don't wanna lose things in their life that's why they pretend, they hide it but after all things will expose at the end. Don't even ever think of even for just trying to predict how the story will ends in your life coz you are not gonna be able to.

People often told me they are struggle within decision but mostly if you need them to have an immediate decision, they actually do know what they want! People or even you telling people what you're struggling between and why, most of the time... It's just because you wanna assure yourself by someone else mouth that it's a hard decision and it's right to struggle but deep down there, people do know what they want but they are just trying to use this struggle to justify their acts so it doesn't feels strange. 
Though knowing yourself what you want and not living in the mist that you created yourself is pretty important too! If you do all the things that you don't want the most and by doing all of them make you lose the thing that you want the most and your life needed the most, it may just bring you regrets. You may pretend not to see it but you will remember it all your life i promise. 

For me thinking all the things that you have done are not that amazing nor the best part but all the things that you wanted to do if you know How to do it and you're going to but not just saying it. It's way sexier to care and love, to give before it has been asked for. It's way hotter to do things instead of just dream about it.

Thinking how much it's impossible is not smart but realizing what makes you feels like it's impossible and try to make the impossible possible. Even tho sometimes there're something that is really truly impossible as there are things that you can't change but stay strong and be confident because you know what yourself are capable to do but not doubting by things that you're not.
It's better to understand not just the way you want it or like it because there're always reasons for why people say things.

Never just take things in a single perspective for those are what people inputs you in your brain as a single side story is alway dangerous. When we talk about Ethiopia, is it poor. Babies with big stomach and skinny body are what's in your mind? Now it's your turn to know more about it: 

Click Here ----> Chimamanda Adichie, the dnager of a single story

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chapter 3

Simple and easy, make today of yours better, make others days better.

Love for many people, it’s simple but for many it’s just super complicated…
After all, it’s all about flexibility, it’s all about you knowing what you want, what you need… Feelings catching your right and so… you never know what’s going on coz when you’re in love, you are just so confuse and the most ridiculous thing is, you didn’t know you are! You thought your mind is clear, you are doing what you like to do, what you want to do, you thought your mind can’t be telling you something which is wrong, in fact, you never know what’s going on.

On feelings, the most stupid thing that I ever thought is, you try to stop and avoid yourself getting into anything just because you think it’s dangerous or you think you shouldn’t do it. Machine can make decision, Human can make decision, the only differences between are our love and care with each other. The fact that people care change things.
Do you think you’re too small to change the world? In fact, a by just saying a simple can easily make a day of someone. Isn’t that easy and normal? Just try to do it and see that smile from someone, it may not work in the first time but second or third, you will have it and you may just start to enjoys it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tower made of sand

Tower made of sand, not just a tower on the beach but a real tower.

Monday, October 22, 2012

How you can change people from dislike a thing to like a thing?
How can you do it without letting them experience how good it may be...
You always want to be the best for it

Monday, October 8, 2012

Love - Part 2, Are you letting it go?

Some people think, they don’t love someone anymore, they can’t care about it anymore but until you really leave it, until they thing is not longer yours, you just started to miss it. Sometimes you would have a chance to save it, rescue it back but it’s not always like that.

You knew that thing is not gonna happen between, or you just know it’s not going to now or soon, you thought you let it go and start going around but when you see that person in front of you again, you try to avoid them, you try not to talk to them but when you did or you just see things that you thought is mean nothing to you
You do actually have feelings,
It’s not it mean nothing to you but yourself telling you that it “Shouldn’t” mean something to you, that’s the struggle you have. It’s like a kid having something that mom tell him not to and you have that little fear inside you but also excited. Then when you got figure that you have it and it just taken from you…
… It’s just killing you from inside, that tough feelings like knife cutting, the worse part of it is, it didn’t cut you open from outside but inside. It just tear you off like a worm eating you in there but you can’t do anything with your bare hands.

There’s always a dark side if there’s bright one
After all if you are so dedicated, time may make you a winner for him but also a loser for other things and it is not guarantee that you may have a positive outcome as well, so is it even worth you to do so?
Are you sure about it?
Thanks for telling me that you haven’t been so sure about things in your life but this…(just you will understand lol)
People are always waiting “the one”, sometimes you met “the one” of yours but sadly sometimes, you are just not “the one” for him. People try to let go but after all they just found out no matter how you let it go, it won’t so you better just keep a special place for him deep in your heart. That’s easier perhaps… life still go on and sometimes, that person who had a special place in your heart may just be taken or replaced by someone else, something else till time cross, you meet each other again, feelings burn, situation may just not changing but the feelings are. Sometimes people become best friend, sometimes they become boyfriends, girlfriends, sometimes enemy but no one ever know but it you tries it out, right?

Long distance relationship seems never work, yea it didn’t when you worry about it thinking of how future will be, even sometimes the future thing will help you to have some hope..… but for me, as Albert Einstein said “ I never worry about the future, it come soon enough” “ Thus each person by his fears gives wings to rumor, and, without any real source of apprehension, men fear what they themselves have imagines. – Lucan.

When you kiss, most people always close their eyes ofcoz you will have a little peak sometimes: p but you know, kisses are so nice, is because the best of it is without you watching… coz you imagination make it work even better, the feelings of your lips just telling you how much you want it on you, how much you like that person.
When love comes, you shouldn’t be able to stop it coz the feeling can be just so strong that you can’t even stop thinking of that person, you may tell yourself to back off, you may tell yourself not to miss and start something new but when finally got to meet again, you just can’t help it, you can stop yourself from expressing it but you couldn’t stop what grow inside you.
You can bless him by your skin but not your heart even you say so…  it’s all about timing; don’t waste it, not now, not ever….

I won't give up, i won't.....

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love- Part 1, what is it even?

**Written some time ago but no time to post it always coz it's not yet done but i just decided to have part 1 and 2 so my blog isn't too empty or update too less :p""

Some people say Love is not the most important in relations but sometimes it just helps a lot coz Love can be so STRONG.
You may just change your principal for you one you like and really love. Some people thought they can never deal with someone who smoke but they just suddenly go fine with it coz a human is way more then that, it’s not just a single part.

            Always up to different things and try before you know. It’s stupid to regret for something that you didn’t do when you had a chance to do it.

            No one can ever 100% sure about anything but sometimes you just think this guy/girl is something special… it’s just the beginning of them. Try to know, give out your love and care coz the other will just do the same and you will at least have a good friend coz trust me they can feel it maybe not immediately but they will after some time. Maybe they realize late but have patient till you move on, it’s always nice to have one more friend. Are you going to have? It’s all about your attitude to your friends, no matter is new or old, it’s just matter of time to change that.

            What is even Love?
Is it like the song?

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extra ordinary
E is even more then anyone you adore
Love is all the thing I can give….


If they say why why
Just tell them that’s it’s human nature.
Is it just that simple?

Someone said that the one you love the most doesn’t mean will be with you forever, maybe it’s true but I will It’s true for the time being but trust me at the end you will just found the one if the last one didn’t work, just have the hope and wait coz when u really love is not even about appearance coz i.e for me personalities it’s even way more important, not saying it’s not at all but just the right feelings is the KEY. Coz if you don’t feel good about someone even it’s really hot and good looking, it’s nothing (Exclude you’re just finding an ONS lol)
If you’re really finding the one or a longer relationship, trust me, a good personalities and good feelings bring you way far then the good looking and Hotness… ofcoz it’s cool to have both :p

The way the person are, is more important perhaps….
Personalities win someone as long term but if you don’t have a fine appearance to gain a short term to develop is kind of hard I guess.
For me I usually can’t deal with anyone below 25years old coz I need some people who have a brain and not too childish. Usually above 27 will be fair enough and better :p

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Travel Tips to Vietnam

Tons and Tons of Tourist heading to Vietnam or traveling through Asia during summer so here are some tips for you

Tip 1:

Most people would like to have cheap or unlimited Internet even they went out to the jungle in Asia, it’s still always nice to keep contact with friends and family though.

            So How cheap it can be? I found a really cheap way to do so!
            Try to find this card, the operator is “Mobifone” their card have 50,000VND in there even people told you there’s 100,000VND, it’s actually still 50,000VND inside, it’s because they have 3 accounts in the card for incoming and outgoing…. Complicated but the Main account is most important. The other doesn’t count, when you top up, it just top up the main account as well but give you extra bonus in the others.
They will try to fool you by that.

Buying a SIM in Hanoi is way cheaper then in Ho Chi Minh City as Hanoi is very competitive since SIM is selling everywhere on the street. You will some small light box, they will have SIM card and top up coupon there.

If you put in the SIM and just use, it will be pay as you go and the credit can run out really quick with Internet usage.

!!The trick is send a message DK MIU to 999
then it will deduct 40,000VND in your phone credit which provide you
30 Days Unlimited Network with first 400Mb high speed up to 7.2Mb
Even it slow down afterwards it still works fine.

Vietnam phone network is really fast under 3G but rather slow with 2G.
The 3G coverage are mostly just available in the city.

**People in Ho Chi Minh City will try to trap you by selling the SIM way more expensive then it should, this card I brought in Hanoi is just 65,000VND but in HCMC the first guy try to charge me 200,000VND then 100,000VND for some else but coz I brought this one very cheap so I told them finally someone offer 80,000VND which is rather more reasonable and actually not much that different in foreign currency.

P.S. 50USD is roughly equal to 1,000,000VND
        25USD is roughly equal to    500,000VND
So you can have the card the card that included the plan with less then 5USD.

Tip 2:

Never book a hotel in Airport, it’s way more then expensive or just book a 1 night to get you to the busy area so you can find hotel around which there’re a lot of them in the backpacker area of HCMC and the city of Hanoi.

If you had booked a hotel in advance in Hanoi, sometimes the taxi driver may drive you to some hotel that is not the one you told. Beware of that and double check the name if you have already booked online.
I had booked a hotel before in the airport which cost 35USD and I need an extra night, the lady ask how much is did the airport charge you, I said 30, she easily give me 20USD deal for you for an extra night!
            It can be always cheaper if you having few nights, even two, ask for the price for a night, in example they may say 30USD for a nice hotel then try to get it down to 28 then ask for a several night discount so basically pushing down to limit, it may be 25 or so at the end. If you are a budget backpacker that wants a nicer room but not a dorm, it’s really nice to save few bucks for EVERY single night and spend it on some cheap beer that can just be 1.5US per cup. Or a street snacks which cost 20,000VND(1USD) only.

I have stayed in Bali Hotel in District 1, 82Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward. I am just there for a night, they offer a double bed room or triple room with a same price, 30USD which is really fine coz the triple room would have cost 40USD at normal and that room is rather big. I have checked the double bed room it’s not really that cools as triple one.
The hotel is new as it just opened for about 1-2months, try to talk them down if you stay there for a 2 nights or more and just saying, I don’t think it’s worth to have the breakfast there so just tell them you don’t need the breakfast so it may be even cheaper as it will cost 3USD if you get it on extra. On street snacks will be way better as I don’t think you will want many fried food in the early morning lol I am taking the flight next day so I don’t really have a choice but you do!

Tip 3:

If you are traveling on day trips or half day trip or so, the travel agent always raise price of cause, beware of “Cu Cin Tunnel” as the half day trip or day trip going there do NOT include entrance ticket to the venue so 4USD would be fine for the ticket or even lower if you find it, sometimes they just go for 5 and even 8 USD. For me 5 would be acceptable but 4 of cause more preferable: p

There’s an travel agency which sell bus ticket and everything they have really cheap ticket, I can even say they are the cheapest as they provide ticket from HCMC to Mui Ne for just 7USD one way (it’s a 6-7hours bus when tunnel is just about 3 hours away return) and they agency have cheap open bus ticket form HCMC all the way up to Hanoi as well, they have lots of different plans so you just have to let them know what cities you want to stop and they will try to organize for you.

Tip 4:

Which is not really a tip as many people knows, don’t buy stuff on the break station which the bus stop by within the day trip or so as the price there are way too expensive! The only thing is reasonable are drinks but with their price they have something in advance which is they have variety of choices for you as they have lots of those hand made work even tho you can buy it somewhere else way cheaper but Drinks are usually more reasonable price but not chocolate or other snacks. Sometimes it can be just way too high.

Tip 5:


There’re two kind of train in Vietnam that is traveler/tourist train and Government train. Don’t take government train, as it’s really bad even tho it’s cheaper. Last time my friend told me the travel agent just booked that for them and on their way back they booked a cabin on tourist train, it was just too tough perhaps lol

Tell me if you have some other tips also wanna share with others

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vietnam Part 1

Time for travel journal again before coming back to the busy, nervous Hong Kong
Trip to Vietnam this time.
Flight Route will be:
Hong Kong (HKG) to Hanoi (HAN) to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), back to Hong Kong, all by Vietnam Airlines (VN)

if you have time to, try to check out Multi City sometimes coz you may find out some amazing price which you just can't turn down.
as I checked the same airline and flight just return from Hong Kong to Hanoi will cost around 330 euro but if plus SGN as well will just be about 360. so if you have the time it worth to do so totally.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I know

I know I know I know, been week and some days again.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amazing Love?

someone said: Love is uncontrollable, that's why it's amazing but suck at the same time.

It's not must to be suck but just when the love is not "equal"
usually just one way have much more love then the other side

Monday, July 23, 2012

Control your feelings, Catch your chance?

Someone told me... ""I think I should stop like you so much/'', ""I think I start like you too much.""

The fact is, if you like someone, why would you stop it. Even nothing is not gonna happen at the end, at least it's gonna be your friend I guess? and if both of you wanna go on further but just couldn't cause of enviromental fact, it's not really you can't, it's just you think you can't.

Someone told me that Long Distance Relationship is not gonna work, it's gonna be hard, it's gonna tough. They are all ture if you both didn't love as much as the other person do. Temptation all around you, things just around make you feel misarble perhaps but if you really like a person, if both of you do, there's nothing could stop the love go on.
That's why even the Catholic Church (the Vatican) didn't say no to love between mans coz love are just so unlimited and couldn't be stop no matter what.

When you have this feeling like this one or simular:

[It freaks me out too but I can't help how I feel!!
Ever since I met you I haven't been able to stop thinking about you...  Your constantly on my mind...  And I hurt on the inside cause I'm so far away from you right now.
I don't know what to do...  All I know is that I need to see you again!!
I need to hold you in my arms...  I miss everything about you!!
Your smile, the way you make me laugh, your hand in mine...  The taste of your lips...
I love you Felix, that's all I know for sure...](sorry to put you up here but um it really have a big impact on me]

this is kind of the messages of in love... you will just think about them and can't have a second thinking properly.. you now as I do...
sometimes you will just do whatever for love and give out all the exception you never do or it just start with the first exception you give it out to a person you don't even know. You just feel he's good and nice and try it out then all go well like never before it can.

""We should stop this, I don't wanna start to miss you"" Love just confuse people sometimes. someone said: "Understanding Love is one of the hardest things in the world"... Maybe it's, really is.but when someone tell you, I don't wanna start to miss you, trust me, they will already and it's just gonna regret if you don't make the most out of it.
When You lose a chance, you are not just losing it now. Don't ever think you may still have that chance again  some time later coz every single chance are brand new, they are all unique. When u lose it now, you lose it forever. Even you have a similar chance afterwards, it's never the same anymore. Never...
they new chance may give you an outcome which you predict the last one may give it to you but you will never ever have the same experience anymore. Things you lost in the middle, you forever lost it and you will never ever catch it back.

There will never be a same exact moment ever. should just hope, wish you can use these time good, make the most out of it even it's so short as 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks or even just two days. If you give it a Go you may still have a nice memory afterwards and maybe you can have more after when another chance come by and you take it... but if you just let it go, say No to it. it doesn't mean anything to you perhaps, nothing at all in the moment or it just never gonna mean anything to you, you thought. It may not change your life but if you let the chance do it for you, your may just have a completely different life.

Take it or Leave it. sounds like so easy. Yea it's not hard to take it usually cause it just for a short time but when you Leave it, you let it go, pass by you forever. Every single moment which you let it pass by, it gone forever.
Catch it Now... love you all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fake Freedom, Fake Liberty

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
最無可藥救的是作為被奴僕的人還以為自已活在自由之中(Chinese Translation)

This is what I am talking about...
all the fake needs and demand created by the society makes you believe you are still a man with all the free will. Yea, you do have your free will but... your will have been controlled and you don't even know it! Think about what you got. Facebook, twitter, everything. Since when everyone needs to know what are you doing now and you wanted to share them.
It's reasonable that you shared some important and nice moments with your friends or so, to someone you care and love but when people start to share things to people who you don't really know, update your status every hour, tweeting your latest news ALL THE TIME! Mean it! All the time!!
Especially after Twitter and Facebook status can update by Text Message, it just go crazy, totally lol

Someone refuse to use all those but man are just so greedy and having unlimited demands and ofcause the enterprise

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


There're so many important things in life but are they really important or you are just been told it's important?

What do you think is important for you?
Is it religious things like Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage?
or Study like good High School, College, University?
What are really important for you?

It had been so much fun for me from June this year.
Friends visiting, staying in different hotels, crashing at friends couch, bed.
I can almost do Hotel reviews lol

too many visiting... Let's see how many I can list for now.
From visiting to work to both.
James, Steve, Jeff, Dean, Daniel, Dan, Michael, Mason, Pablo, lot lot more....
for me myself not living in the city, it's actually so much fun in Hong Kong to be a tourist... as I say all the time Hong Kong is awesome but for me.... It's not really awesome for living but it's really cool for travel and visit.

For me nothing much is ever important, life is short.
Albert Einstein said. I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough.
so why would you?
Love is so much easier... When you love it, you want it you go for it. Many friends of mine know it I have a theory no matter you agree it or not, that's why sometimes I really go for something. When I do it I meant it, I don't mind to wait for hours, as long as the result comes.
""I hate that when I can do something but I didn't and regret afterwards"", the regret is just too much for me to take. If you did it and fail, at least you have tried but if not it's such a waste of yourself, of your own chance

so when you think you should do it, stop thinking and go for it. Hmm something get me regret, funny story: so one day in the morning after a hook up, me and the mate want to get a cab but they seems all full, I was thinking maybe I should tell him: Hey give me a kiss and the miracle will happen... I should really said it coz the taxi just appear 5 seconds later, if I have said, it's gonna really like a miracle :p......
I know I know things don't come as you want like this all the time but what can I say man, maybe I am just a luck man....xD

so whatever you want to do, go for it and don't regret for it, you have the responsiblity, take it or leave it....
Regret for you have done but not you haven't~
you know I love and care you

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movie - The Crazies

In the middle of the night, being bored alone, watching Fox Movie Premium on my cable tv... it's a movie about disease and people sort of zombies but after all it's just all about trust.

it starts with a nice small little town, one day a plane crash and it contain a original virus which is going to be disposal and vanish in Texas but the plane just crash there and the virus start to spread. you know they just spread spread spread..... something normal about movies going...
There're people who dump their wife and children so they thought they can survive following the instructions of the government, some just can't ditch their families behind and got back for them and save them. for all the love and god sake, the couple get away from the disaster and the brutal killing of government, of cause it's all just movie and stories

but the very true thing is... all are just about trust of friends, lover, everyone...
someone told me you know some of the societies or circle, they just don't have trust, nothing is honest, maybe that's the way it works but that still doesn't mean you shouldn't give on and give a try for that. For god sake some lies are just for goods, you won't be happy about knowing the truth anyway, as long as it's not hiding from you forever or just something make you lost something, just go for it and forgive it... ofcoz cheating is not something which make you have no lost... unless it's an open relationship and i mean... if it's open, hmmmm you have expected that i suppose.

Currently something; is going on with my life besides of I am going to Seattle, if you are my real friend, you would have know it or if you had ever really notice my Facebook, you may have. Nothing really certain for now maybe but I trust and I still have a little faith that this may can work.... I am just gonna tell myself, this will work, this is working, it will be done!... I am going for it.. doing all these for you, are you gonna do the same?

Love you all,


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Change... Little things will do

We all hope there will be changes in the coming days...
but... it didn mean it will the way you wanted.

Have you seen Man in Black III (MIB III)?

There´s a character, Griffin which is acted by Michael Stuhalbarg

He has the gift of vision, he can see the future... But
the future have lots of possibilities around.
It can be different just by a single action.

at the ending of the movie, J back to the pie restaurant to find K
and Griffin said. unless K forgot to put left some tips on the table....
then camera switch to a stone falling to earth from the outer-space - (Griffin Vision) 

then K went back and leave some tips...
camera back to outer-space, a satellite just pass through and the rock
just get crashed

so all things are connected and never think you can´t change the future cause sometimes it´s just as little to you don´t even know it does matter. a single action will do


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Updates, 31/05/2012

so same opening as my 4th podcast script....

            Lazy Lazy and Lazy… um recently
o   I am just being busy about my study visa to US
o   My ILETS test registration and courses
o   Having a Spanish class once a week
o   Get back China entry card and blah blah

So I don't really have time to update this thing, i know is shit but I do have make something if you guys have ever notice.

You can see Felixishim-podcast had been added into the navigation bar up there...
by clicking it, it will bring you to which is another blogspot page that I make for my podcast but obviously linked to this blog as well :)

When you get into that page, you can just simply press Download my podcast which had located at the navigation bar and u will see a Dropbox linkwhich will lead you to my podcast download page. once u get in there you will see different podcast folder
For e.g from Podcast 1 - Podcast 4 you can simply select one and click on the quality you needed or wanted after deciding by the file size and download it :)

If you like my podcast or my blog, there're always small button down there for you to share it in twitter, Facebook, your blogspot, Google+ or u can even emails to your friends, it doesn't matter as long as you like it.
also you can like my Facebook page anytime :)

Hopefully see you guys and talk to you guys soon, if I didn't update this, don't freak out lol I am probably making a new podcast. I am trying to make a new one at least bi-weekly don't forget to check for updates sometimes :)

Email me if there's anything :[email protected]
and I did found out that users from China may NOT access dropbox, the only way to do it is either VPN or email me and we find a way to send it, i.e. Skype

Lastly, as I always said :I wish you have enjoyed (My Podcast or Blog) as I did...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Updates, 20/04/2012

Finally have some time to for myself and my blog....Recently having a little bit confuse since blog are open and non controllable for who is checking this onso I have been thinking of changing the address of my blog,the only problem is the people who have watched all these time may just lost and not read my blog anymore so i can just stay out and shut up on some of the stuffand some updates, I am heading to Seattle in the coming September,besides of exciting and stuff, it's pretty hard to do the subject selection.anyway just finis a new podcast, u can check it out at the Podcast bar up there~~Felix

Friday, February 17, 2012

Previous month

so didn't get on my blog in the previous month~ different things happen
something good, something bad.

so Part 1 I am just going to let you guys know about my new year travel~
I went to two places. first one is Taipei, Taiwan for my family trip with 10 of my relatives~

amazing huh? it's hardly happen in Hong Kong. you know, It's pretty hard to get 5 holiday same with every single person~ enjoyed pretty much and here're some of the photos
The Top restaurant, looking towards to the city of Taipei
Tai Wan 101 is in the photo!

Si Lin, night market in Taipei

Visiting pass of the president house of Taiwan

Farm in Tao Yuen

Monday, January 23, 2012

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge, Support Wikipedia

For more than a decade, we have spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet. For 24 hours, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia

Call your elected officials.
Tell them you are their constituent, and you oppose SOPA and PIPA.
SOPA and PIPA put the burden on website owners to police user-contributed material and call for the unnecessary blocking of entire sites. Small sites won't have sufficient resources to defend themselves. Big media companies may seek to cut off funding sources for their foreign competitors, even if copyright isn't being infringed. Foreign sites will be blacklisted, which means they won't show up in major search engines. SOPA and PIPA build a framework for future restrictions and suppression.
In a world in which politicians regulate the Internet based on the influence of big money, Wikipedia — and sites like it — cannot survive.
Congress says it's trying to protect the rights of copyright owners, but the "cure" that SOPA and PIPA represent is worse than the disease. SOPA and PIPA are not the answer: they will fatally damage the free and open Internet.
Here is the time America! Tell your government what you want!! fully support Wikipedia 24hours blackout!...or even longer!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

When you and I are not going through the same thing (1)

The worst thing in love and relationship is you two are Not
having the same feeling as the other

Maybe you will think breaking up is always the most sad thing on earth since you two may never be together but u still in love with him.
Maybe you will think that the single way love is the most sad thing because you can just look at him/her having fun and having relationships with others but never you.
You may think that they both in love but they don't know is the worst...the truth is... the still have the chance..
you will just think when two people fall in love but can't be together because of location or family matters are the saddest thing 
I will tell you that the worst thing in love and relationship are actually you two are not having the same feelings for other.... and this is gonna make you suffer and kill you...drains out your soul... but ofcoz there's another result besides of this... you two gonna be happy and be together for a long long time due to all this things you two have gone through.

so Why this is gonna kill you, you may wanna ask.... WHY
Check here next week and you will have your answers : )

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lack of Security in Love?...are u one of them?

Observe the little things in daily life can always know that someone 
did or din't have the sense of Security for love and relationships

Here are the Symptoms.... Are you one of them?

  1. Do not believe in Love and relationship
  2. Always like to put on something (Jacket, Jumper)
  3. Like curled up and holding legs when sleep at night
  4. Desperate to have care from others and be concerned but not sympathetic
  5. Used to listen music when in the late and lonely nights
  6. Before going to sleep, think things will be more emotionally, and even cry
  7. Pretended to be really happy, forcing yourself to smile in front of others
  8. Easy to get touch by others
  9. Love to express their emotions and mood by words
  10. Always cranky but never think you are.
  11. You might hurt yourselves
  12. Used to use useless help words
  13. Doubt their value of existence 
  14. Love fantasy but very impractical
  15. Afraid of having too much, because you have to worry about losing it
  16. Easy soft-hearted
  17. Love to think about the past and memorial 
  18. Care about the thinking of people around them
  19. You will slow down their steps in the busy streets and feel lonely and helpless
  20. When you wear cloths without pockets, you just don't know where your hands should be...
  21. Hate to speak or just love to speak non-stop
  22. Used to sit at the corner or standing near to the walls
  23. No matter going on train, bus or toilets, you used to have to same place/seat
  24. When you crying alone, u don't like to clean your tears but feel it slip through your face
  25. Very concern what other think
  26. Scared and afraid of Dark
  27. Hiding the truth from your heart to others
  28. Easy to be satisfy but also more easily to get hurt
  29. Looks mahogany, shallow... in fact just to protect yourself
  30. With a good intention but unconscious and secretly comparing