Friday, August 1, 2014

Why American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card instead of Gold

Special Offer to Apply American Express Delta Card Here

Many of you thinks that a premium Airline Credit Card is only good for people who travel enough on that particular airline but with this offer that I am gonna give you, I am going to tell you Why should you apply for this card!

This card is great for people who travel 2 or more round trip on Delta per year!
Only 2!

the Amex Delta Platinum Card annual fee is $195 dollars increased from $150 previously but they no longer charge international transaction fee which most debit/credit card charges 3% extra for whatever you are buying overseas (including Canada, sometimes even Puerto Rico) new EMV features is gonna make your Europe Trip way smoother as well!

Gold Card first year is free and the second year is $95 Dollars,
they both gives free checked bag for primary card member and up to 9 addition people who travel in the same reservation. (Same Confirmation Number) and no foreign transaction fee so Why it worth 100 dollars more?
especially the first year, $195 more!

1st, if you email me (list below) I can send you a referral link which the welcome offer for this card include a $100 Statement Credit for ANY Delta Flight! which means the different has drop to $95 dollars ONLY

2nd, you received 5000 more Award miles AND MQMs on your welcome offer instead of 30k in the Gold Card, you get 35k on the platinum. Even you calculate miles worth 1 cent per mile, that worth $50 more. (on the side Delta Skymiles Credit Card holder either gold, platinum or Reserve can use Pay with Miles feature so even you can't find an award ticket, 1 cent per mile is Guaranteed. so now they are only $45 dollars different.

3rd, if you are a BIG Credit Card Spender, Silver Status can be Guaranteed on the first year, Welcome offer include 5000 MQMs and spending more then first 25k gives you extra 10,000 MQM and 10,000 award Miles and the second 25k gives you another 10,000 MQM and 10,000 award Miles
which means you will have 25,000 MQM enough for Silver Status and Medallion Qualification Dollar (MQDs) requirements are waived upon spending more then 25,000 on the card!. if you can take this deal because you put every spending on the card, the card is already worth more then the Gold Card even though it is more expensive.

4th, Even if you ain't a big big big spender but if you have a companion that travel with you, every year when you renew this card you get a Complimentary Companion Certificate for any domestic flights.
i.e Booking a flight from Los Angeles to New York, cost $400 dollars? your companion ticket is FREE so if you use the certificate well, easily worth 200 dollars, EACH YEAR! Even more and better earning!

Last, small perks, all purchases except wifi on board, you get 20% off which Gold Card no longer offer.(Can use for "on-board" Economy Comfort Upgrades, can be a good thing for international flight if it isn't sold out with free booze :p) Free Baggage insurance plan is included with this card too.

Perhaps the Gold Card may seems cheaper for the 1st year with not much Welcome Miles bonus there is, only 5000 more but a $100 statement Credit and annual boost feature can totally leverage that and after the first year, the Companion Certificate is what makes it awesome


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