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Sunday, May 1, 2011


What's today?? yes.. Luna Park

take bus from my home to Central

then get on a train to Wynyard

we should go to Milsons Point...  but due to the track work,
we need to be there by bus!! we change at Wynyard

isn't great here

It's an other Sunny day here

The Oprah House.. is nice

Ferry from Milsons (Luna Park) to Circular Quay
that's what we get after the park

the city over the harbor

You pay by your height, since if you are not tall enough,
you could not play some of the rides

a beautiful sunny day with seagull 

That's the ticket to Luna... It's an unlimited ticket...
it cause $40 but it worth cause a single ride ticket get you $10

beautiful hearts on the coffee

guess who's this... actually he is no one...
we just met and know on the rides... and he is cute enough to make me put on my blog
and even the face of mine to on this blog...
this never happen before him

then bumping cars!!

that's the one I love the most, and this really make me scared...
cause you couldn't really imagine how it feel when it lift you up in the air

that's Christopher next to me... but there's backlight
so dun really get both of us... whatever.... the background is beautiful

then Ferry to Circular Quay and take ferry from there to Parramatta !!
Don't you like that... I love the motion... just like the Oprah house is gonna bang on you!!!

This is the guy I met on ferry the one go to Parramatta
He is from Lebanon... but again the Flash light is bad...
we have already took 3... do not wanna bother him and girl who takes photos of us...
so just leave it!! 

walk from the river to the station!!

then we go on bus that goes to baulkham hill from Parramatta interchange
then...why it's free? cause we have the Family fun day Pass.... after we leave Luna...
we have waste a lots of money on traffic before

then we have KFC for dinner

isn't great, it's really delicious!!!
and it really make me full!!!
then Jarryl mum pick us up and went back home!
It's really a good day!