Thursday, March 31, 2011

Right Here?

April is coming~~
My parents and my sister are going to Ching Tau (China) for travel so from 1st of May to 5th of May... Gonna be alone beside my mate... LoL
What to do? Not really much and actually just normal~~ A talk are going to held on Saturday at Chinese University which is talking about Liberal Studies <-- A suck subject from HONG KONG GOV........
what's more... gonna have an issue on Sunday which is for people who suffering from the BiG business guy... all of it is in the Blogs Calendar Below......

Just back from a retreat... Think about much... whatever it was...It is a good Chance!!!
btw... not just gonna ONLY meet Suzanna but also nub-_-.... It will be fun, I just know it

P.s. Never ask Why, ask Why Not!! National Geographic Channel - Live Curious