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Monday, October 8, 2012

Love - Part 2, Are you letting it go?

Some people think, they don’t love someone anymore, they can’t care about it anymore but until you really leave it, until they thing is not longer yours, you just started to miss it. Sometimes you would have a chance to save it, rescue it back but it’s not always like that.

You knew that thing is not gonna happen between, or you just know it’s not going to now or soon, you thought you let it go and start going around but when you see that person in front of you again, you try to avoid them, you try not to talk to them but when you did or you just see things that you thought is mean nothing to you
You do actually have feelings,
It’s not it mean nothing to you but yourself telling you that it “Shouldn’t” mean something to you, that’s the struggle you have. It’s like a kid having something that mom tell him not to and you have that little fear inside you but also excited. Then when you got figure that you have it and it just taken from you…
… It’s just killing you from inside, that tough feelings like knife cutting, the worse part of it is, it didn’t cut you open from outside but inside. It just tear you off like a worm eating you in there but you can’t do anything with your bare hands.

There’s always a dark side if there’s bright one
After all if you are so dedicated, time may make you a winner for him but also a loser for other things and it is not guarantee that you may have a positive outcome as well, so is it even worth you to do so?
Are you sure about it?
Thanks for telling me that you haven’t been so sure about things in your life but this…(just you will understand lol)
People are always waiting “the one”, sometimes you met “the one” of yours but sadly sometimes, you are just not “the one” for him. People try to let go but after all they just found out no matter how you let it go, it won’t so you better just keep a special place for him deep in your heart. That’s easier perhaps… life still go on and sometimes, that person who had a special place in your heart may just be taken or replaced by someone else, something else till time cross, you meet each other again, feelings burn, situation may just not changing but the feelings are. Sometimes people become best friend, sometimes they become boyfriends, girlfriends, sometimes enemy but no one ever know but it you tries it out, right?

Long distance relationship seems never work, yea it didn’t when you worry about it thinking of how future will be, even sometimes the future thing will help you to have some hope..… but for me, as Albert Einstein said “ I never worry about the future, it come soon enough” “ Thus each person by his fears gives wings to rumor, and, without any real source of apprehension, men fear what they themselves have imagines. – Lucan.

When you kiss, most people always close their eyes ofcoz you will have a little peak sometimes: p but you know, kisses are so nice, is because the best of it is without you watching… coz you imagination make it work even better, the feelings of your lips just telling you how much you want it on you, how much you like that person.
When love comes, you shouldn’t be able to stop it coz the feeling can be just so strong that you can’t even stop thinking of that person, you may tell yourself to back off, you may tell yourself not to miss and start something new but when finally got to meet again, you just can’t help it, you can stop yourself from expressing it but you couldn’t stop what grow inside you.
You can bless him by your skin but not your heart even you say so…  it’s all about timing; don’t waste it, not now, not ever….

I won't give up, i won't.....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Travel Tips to Vietnam

Tons and Tons of Tourist heading to Vietnam or traveling through Asia during summer so here are some tips for you

Tip 1:

Most people would like to have cheap or unlimited Internet even they went out to the jungle in Asia, it’s still always nice to keep contact with friends and family though.

            So How cheap it can be? I found a really cheap way to do so!
            Try to find this card, the operator is “Mobifone” their card have 50,000VND in there even people told you there’s 100,000VND, it’s actually still 50,000VND inside, it’s because they have 3 accounts in the card for incoming and outgoing…. Complicated but the Main account is most important. The other doesn’t count, when you top up, it just top up the main account as well but give you extra bonus in the others.
They will try to fool you by that.

Buying a SIM in Hanoi is way cheaper then in Ho Chi Minh City as Hanoi is very competitive since SIM is selling everywhere on the street. You will some small light box, they will have SIM card and top up coupon there.

If you put in the SIM and just use, it will be pay as you go and the credit can run out really quick with Internet usage.

!!The trick is send a message DK MIU to 999
then it will deduct 40,000VND in your phone credit which provide you
30 Days Unlimited Network with first 400Mb high speed up to 7.2Mb
Even it slow down afterwards it still works fine.

Vietnam phone network is really fast under 3G but rather slow with 2G.
The 3G coverage are mostly just available in the city.

**People in Ho Chi Minh City will try to trap you by selling the SIM way more expensive then it should, this card I brought in Hanoi is just 65,000VND but in HCMC the first guy try to charge me 200,000VND then 100,000VND for some else but coz I brought this one very cheap so I told them finally someone offer 80,000VND which is rather more reasonable and actually not much that different in foreign currency.

P.S. 50USD is roughly equal to 1,000,000VND
        25USD is roughly equal to    500,000VND
So you can have the card the card that included the plan with less then 5USD.

Tip 2:

Never book a hotel in Airport, it’s way more then expensive or just book a 1 night to get you to the busy area so you can find hotel around which there’re a lot of them in the backpacker area of HCMC and the city of Hanoi.

If you had booked a hotel in advance in Hanoi, sometimes the taxi driver may drive you to some hotel that is not the one you told. Beware of that and double check the name if you have already booked online.
I had booked a hotel before in the airport which cost 35USD and I need an extra night, the lady ask how much is did the airport charge you, I said 30, she easily give me 20USD deal for you for an extra night!
            It can be always cheaper if you having few nights, even two, ask for the price for a night, in example they may say 30USD for a nice hotel then try to get it down to 28 then ask for a several night discount so basically pushing down to limit, it may be 25 or so at the end. If you are a budget backpacker that wants a nicer room but not a dorm, it’s really nice to save few bucks for EVERY single night and spend it on some cheap beer that can just be 1.5US per cup. Or a street snacks which cost 20,000VND(1USD) only.

I have stayed in Bali Hotel in District 1, 82Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao Ward. I am just there for a night, they offer a double bed room or triple room with a same price, 30USD which is really fine coz the triple room would have cost 40USD at normal and that room is rather big. I have checked the double bed room it’s not really that cools as triple one.
The hotel is new as it just opened for about 1-2months, try to talk them down if you stay there for a 2 nights or more and just saying, I don’t think it’s worth to have the breakfast there so just tell them you don’t need the breakfast so it may be even cheaper as it will cost 3USD if you get it on extra. On street snacks will be way better as I don’t think you will want many fried food in the early morning lol I am taking the flight next day so I don’t really have a choice but you do!

Tip 3:

If you are traveling on day trips or half day trip or so, the travel agent always raise price of cause, beware of “Cu Cin Tunnel” as the half day trip or day trip going there do NOT include entrance ticket to the venue so 4USD would be fine for the ticket or even lower if you find it, sometimes they just go for 5 and even 8 USD. For me 5 would be acceptable but 4 of cause more preferable: p

There’s an travel agency which sell bus ticket and everything they have really cheap ticket, I can even say they are the cheapest as they provide ticket from HCMC to Mui Ne for just 7USD one way (it’s a 6-7hours bus when tunnel is just about 3 hours away return) and they agency have cheap open bus ticket form HCMC all the way up to Hanoi as well, they have lots of different plans so you just have to let them know what cities you want to stop and they will try to organize for you.

Tip 4:

Which is not really a tip as many people knows, don’t buy stuff on the break station which the bus stop by within the day trip or so as the price there are way too expensive! The only thing is reasonable are drinks but with their price they have something in advance which is they have variety of choices for you as they have lots of those hand made work even tho you can buy it somewhere else way cheaper but Drinks are usually more reasonable price but not chocolate or other snacks. Sometimes it can be just way too high.

Tip 5:


There’re two kind of train in Vietnam that is traveler/tourist train and Government train. Don’t take government train, as it’s really bad even tho it’s cheaper. Last time my friend told me the travel agent just booked that for them and on their way back they booked a cabin on tourist train, it was just too tough perhaps lol

Tell me if you have some other tips also wanna share with others

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movie - The Crazies

In the middle of the night, being bored alone, watching Fox Movie Premium on my cable tv... it's a movie about disease and people sort of zombies but after all it's just all about trust.

it starts with a nice small little town, one day a plane crash and it contain a original virus which is going to be disposal and vanish in Texas but the plane just crash there and the virus start to spread. you know they just spread spread spread..... something normal about movies going...
There're people who dump their wife and children so they thought they can survive following the instructions of the government, some just can't ditch their families behind and got back for them and save them. for all the love and god sake, the couple get away from the disaster and the brutal killing of government, of cause it's all just movie and stories

but the very true thing is... all are just about trust of friends, lover, everyone...
someone told me you know some of the societies or circle, they just don't have trust, nothing is honest, maybe that's the way it works but that still doesn't mean you shouldn't give on and give a try for that. For god sake some lies are just for goods, you won't be happy about knowing the truth anyway, as long as it's not hiding from you forever or just something make you lost something, just go for it and forgive it... ofcoz cheating is not something which make you have no lost... unless it's an open relationship and i mean... if it's open, hmmmm you have expected that i suppose.

Currently something; is going on with my life besides of I am going to Seattle, if you are my real friend, you would have know it or if you had ever really notice my Facebook, you may have. Nothing really certain for now maybe but I trust and I still have a little faith that this may can work.... I am just gonna tell myself, this will work, this is working, it will be done!... I am going for it.. doing all these for you, are you gonna do the same?

Love you all,


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Selfish? Make yourself Happy now!

Sometimes people will say you're doing selfish... but actually the one who say this usually selfish himself...

Man decisions are always selfish, cause everyone decide for themselves and that's nothing but normal... Maybe sometimes people will say: you should think about others but not just yourself.but the truth is you never satisfy every single person and someone will still think you're selfish and probably you are!

Think about a CEO of the enterprise rise the salary of the employees in his company, his share holders will think he's selfish to get those claps from his employees or the society... Maybe you will say he can tale the balance point... but man are greedy... When you give them something they ask for more... You just can't balance and fixed everything they want...

Applying personal goal or own expectation to other are selfish?
People will say hey "loving others as love yourself"... The first thing come up in your mind probably will be... Give everything I like to him... These sounds nice.... You give things that what you thought it is good for him and you feel good about that too...
and is it everyone be happy for this "Love"?
If it's lucky, it do benefit someone who think the same... If not... It's gonna be poor cause he's just keep getting different expectation and thinks that he don't want...
Hmm... Sounds like the society? Cause it's happening!
Hmm... Seems so familiar? Its reality!

You never know, I never know and actually no man know the balance point cause it's changing every single second! What I will say is just do it as you will be happy... Just balance yourself and treat yourself better... What you want? Claps from your friends, employees? or from your parents, shareholders? You want both... but the reality is you can get what you want...

so sometimes make your decision fast and clear.. With your love and care means what you think you should give and have no regret!!! Just go ahead make yourself happy now!

Giving all these to you beloved one?
To someone on the street?
It is all your decision, your choice!

What is decision? Is for you to made!