Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Change... Little things will do

We all hope there will be changes in the coming days...
but... it didn mean it will change....in the way you wanted.

Have you seen Man in Black III (MIB III)?

There´s a character, Griffin which is acted by Michael Stuhalbarg

He has the gift of vision, he can see the future... But
the future have lots of possibilities around.
It can be different just by a single action.

at the ending of the movie, J back to the pie restaurant to find K
and Griffin said. unless K forgot to put left some tips on the table....
then camera switch to a stone falling to earth from the outer-space - (Griffin Vision) 

then K went back and leave some tips...
camera back to outer-space, a satellite just pass through and the rock
just get crashed

so all things are connected and never think you can´t change the future cause sometimes it´s just as little to you don´t even know it does matter. a single action will do