Saturday, April 30, 2011


It's a Sunny and Rainy Day... it's weird? but it happen always here...

Like it's really shine on the sky.... but it's raining

Not really much to do today... but cause we are going to Luna Park tomorrow,
so we go on the Mass today

This is the St. Michael Church, which nearby Baulkham Hill

They got screen... not really special.. but it is RIGHT ABOVE!!!

some of them by hand... but me just directly into my mouth....
I think that is better!!

and who're these guys?

They are having their wedding anniversary...
the priest are going to bless them and they will say their oath again
one man say "I do"... and the priset said: "is I will!"
ppl laugh all around

the have a status of Angels

This is how the church really looks like...
gonna have a front door pic for you next week,...

so tomorrow.. I am going to Luna Park...stay on... and watch my update soon!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Having lot of lessons today... This is my homeroom but I do not really spend lots of time here!

We are siting and get announcement and prayers...then we went out for our first periods!!
^~~~~~~This is Jason

The First lesson is English... 

This is George------^
The man~~not my English teacher, but my Commerce and Religion teacher

We have reading period everyday after the 2nd period...
It's better than my school cause it's like in the early morning and just have it once a week!!
Here is EVERYDAY... MASS!!! aren't this awesome??

This is the Chapel!

Then we have math lesson... with the awful teacher... He is really sucks...
and the maths are really easy!!

see...Shabib wanna fall as sleep (kidding)

this is already the part which keep concentrated... so what's the other?

We have Science again with Mr.Youl... It's good.. like he has gave me some work LoL

People waiting for bell rings... got these pictures before he finds out... Thank GoD!!

Lunch everyone have ball games!!

This is where we have lunch... It's nick which sitting at the rightest of the photo

and who's here... shabib...Jason...John Paul!...the II?

It's really soon.. It's the end of the day... grab the bag and leaving soon

what's at the last??... a End of School Prayers end this day!

This is David... He just wanna get out from the camera...
still got you!

then as yesterday.. Hill school bus go down to the Castle Tower....
Like I am out of socks again and the old one wasn't washed yet...
so I have brought some (3pairs) for the school and weekend~~
but I did not got photos for them!! sorry mate... Just brought it at Kmart!

actually I have also brought a bucket of ice-cream at coles... did not get that at the tower too~ sorry~~
but if you wanna know what's the cinema at tower looks like, you could go on my previous blog entry..
at Day5 I think~~whatever... that's the movie "Thor" with Jason. Jarryl and Jason Dad...

Afterwards... since my host mum got thinks to do, she will be the place 20 mins later than the time we have set... so we just go to the Castle Mall which is the nearest place could hang
at the meet up point... we sit here and wait...see here's got Chinese food take away... and it's like $4/box.
It's quiet cheap in Australia!... There's rice and noodles and much much more!

some shop that in the Castle Mall

This is the Ice-Cream I brought... which Suzanna recommend!!
and I have brought the Chocolate Honey xxx Flavor...
It's good and Creamy~~ although it's quiet expensive than other ice-cream...
but it taste good! 

so what's gonna be happen at the weekend?
We did not have plan yet for Saturday... but I could go out to the city for Museums.
but We do have some plans on Sunday~~ We might going to Luna Park which located at the Sydney city, the North of CBD... hope it will be great and awesome ride (although I know there did not have) but still hoping!!

actually got badminton today... but I have bring a camera without a memory card...
so did not got photos in my memory card. but I do take some by my iPhone...
I will show you at my tomorrow blog... also I will attach the video of "Wildhearts" which I upload to Youtube!! See ya

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Thursday, April 28, 2011


It's a quick time to Day7... School start today and I do not really have chance to take photos...
 but I gonna get so some for you tomorrow...
so we got Commerce for the 1st period by Mr. Andrew Wood
the 2nd period should be English, but there's a talk by a Solider who fight for WWII before
then it's a short recess... than we have a Mass!!
There's mass everyday in redfield, if you do not wanna go, you could simply go to have a reading period
so you could stay away from Mass... but I love Mass!!
afterwards... we have a short recess with snacks...

After all we have a Computer lesson.... the guy who teach... just crazy
it's like calling people silent all the time... but actually he make the no fun jokes....
help me!!... but still got fun with the play-doh... haha

Lunch with the sushi I brought home... Me and Jarryl are have the same lunch... that's fun! love that way!
After lunch still 2 periods...
one is Mr.Youl... and have computer again after it!!!
Damn Computer... is like boring again...
playing all over at Mr.Youl lesson... and he is like asking all the time...
"You  gonna take a book or what tomorrow..."
I really break his class!!

 After school... got sushi roll again at Castle Tower.... thanks Jarryl!!
then we went back home and get change and rest than all the way to the Aquatic Center

Jarryl has class for an hour... that's all..
then we went back home...
whatever... I will take photos of school tomorrow for u!!!

I promisses I will!!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hmmm...Rainy day again~~ It's a cool day~... woke up at 10am'
and going out to have movies today with Jarryl friend Jason at Castle Tower.
we are going to have "Thor"... It's a 3D movie and it is not bad!

After movie we got two Japanese Handroll two each... Mine is Chicken Teriyaki and California Roll:

Then we went to have ice cream~~ aren't it look nice? it's Cream and Cookies and Chocolate Flavor

After we all the way back home... and get changes.. rest then go to Hill stadium:

The weather turns better.... see rainbow came out:

Got a great match with parents' scramming:

what's the match??.... Redfield wins!!

Dinner time... got rips today!! no pictures as before... It's school tomorrow...
Talk to you guys later!!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It’s a pretty good day!!
Today I’m going to Eastwood to meet Suzanna and we have Skype yesterday night and meet today at 1240.
My host dad have drive me to Eastwood… that is really great like is 25mins drive to. It makes more time for me and also have no need to take trains at Parramatta and have interchange… We leave home at 1150 and we arrive at 1215… It’s bit early than the time we make… but I do have a call to her to let her know~

So she came at 1235…. It’s 5mins early… but she says she is rushing to and changing fast…. Couldn’t imagine that how would that be if I did not came early and she did not rush~~
After I met her we have lunch in a Korean restaurant

… It really makes me full… we couldn’t finish all of it ~~ but still thank you to Suzanna cause she buy me a lunch!! : ]

a bit guilty for me like buying me a meal,  so I buy a drink for her afterwards… It makes me feel better
LoL… Then, she shows me around Eastwood. Then I take trains at Eastwood station on 1545 (an express train to Central, just one station between… Strathfield),,, so I could arrive Central at 1610… then I have go on tram… u won’t know what happened… I have a free ride on tram!!...

This is the girl who sells ticket and there’s also a man…
When I am on board, the man has come over and I told him I am going to Paddy’s market, then I take a $50 note to him, he look over to his money bag, there’s enough of money in his bag, but the thing just happen unexpectedly~

He said: Did u have a bigger note?
I said: Yes, there’s a hundred dollar note~~ that’s all I have
He said: It’s all right…………. Don’t worry, enjoy your trip…
I said: Thanks~~
Before I left the tram
I said: I have seen you before, like when I am here last August~~

Then I head to China town…Why?
 Last night we have dinner at home and Maria, Jarryl mother has make a dish for us, It’s something like Beijing peeking duck~~ but he got the wrong wrapper so I am there to find a right for her…
So I asked a girl working in the restaurant and she said, we got in this restaurant…but that’s with the duck and hot… I have ask more, she taught me the way to the World Square which is located in the George Street, so I go on there and ask few more people for the location super market which selling Chinese food~~

After I find it, I go on outside and buy two box of sushi~~ it is just $5 per pack~~so I get two of them

~~ Afterwards I go on and get two postcards and stamps too!!
… That’s not yet the greatest thing of the day…
Afterwards, I get out from World Square and heading to find the bus information which the bus from Parramatta to my home (Baulkham Hill)…
a waste lots of time but I couldn’t find it!!
Before I go on to waste time, I have a great show just at the corner of George Street!! They called "The Wildhearts"

Hope that they have a longer show since they must take a break for the weather problem! It’s raining!! The sunny day with Suzanna has gone... what comes is rainy night!

Then I go on to the Monorail

because I want to have the bus information at QVB… It’s just one station between the QVB and the ????... I dun really have enough time so I just go on for a circle like
World Square à Galleries Victoria àCity Center àDarling Parkà Harbourside à Convention àPaddy's Markets àthen all the way back to World Square
finally… I could not find it so I just go down and go to the Central station to get the train to Parramatta at 1851but before that I do really want to go to toilet, but all the toilet is on un paid area… so I just ask the woman at the gate that could I go out and have a toilet~~ she say “Yes, just come back here later” so I just went out to toilet and going back on the same gate… and walk on to the western line platform…

at the platform, I meet a woman who was working at Manly, she is now a writer and she is going to publish to book (she said), then I go on board the train and sit at the top of the train… start to write this blog entry… but I did not finish it… cause I am writing this NOW at home!!

After I get off the train at Parramatta, the train is like 5mins delay so I run to the bus station… lucky I did not go to the wrong bus stop cause there’s two bus stop at the bottom and top of the train station~
When I am in the tram I type this too… like it’s a long entry today!! I do walk a long way after I get off the bus station, I do walk a long way home… it’s like 35mins walk… it shouldn’t take that long, it should be just 25mins…. But I get few wrong turns!
What’s at home? They had have steak for dinner… but I am late, so I just eating alone~!!

What’s going on Day 6??.... If there’s great weather, there will be a Golf day~~

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