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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What start the day??.... Hmm English lesson...
It's more serious here... no "Play" reading...
Listening practice... Grammar much much more

Got Hagen-Daze ice cream sandwich after Lunch.....
Thanks Shyle 

Then... Math... It's more complicated here...

We use Graph too!!! but not as much as you guys!!
we usually just got two chapter which need to use Graph to solve the question...
got 12 chapter a year!!

Go back with Felix again....
Hmm... how's your brother?? Do miss him....~~

What for tomorrow?? a special school 10th Anniversary Mass
Gonna have reading one...
will upload some photos later... see you guys!!
btw... Justin Massif.... you are a fucking liar!!! send this message to him!!
I hate people lie!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Tomorrow Day15 will be my last day at Redfield. I must miss you guys and the school...
must take photos with all of you...

Got my favorite lessons today: Commerce...
just because I like the teacher!!
although people said:He is boring"...
but he is the one who only teaching

Got religion lesson too...
People just fall as sleep...Fitz, Jason...more and more
although this teacher... is boring..(Voice)
actually the lesson is interesting!
btw... still skipping the Math lesson... F... him
but gonna show up tomorrow....It's the last day!!!
This is the day!!

As I mentioned yesterday, gonna introduce a band which launched by the student of Redfield
the "Luciddreaming Band"
This is their Live Show... a bit noisy behind... but if you like them or want to know more,
you could go on this site:Luciddreamingband to subscribe or watch their other videos on YouTube!!!
bedside go on YouTube to watch or subscribe, you could also PRESS HERE 
to "Like" their Facebook Page!!
Here for you: Unnatural Selection (Cover by them)

beside of the great song by "Luciddreaming", two more great song which I always
heard when I am on the way to city and school on radio!!!
"Price Tag" by Jessie J:

and also "Fireworks" by Katy Perry 

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btw... my blog has just added a auto start music player, if you are going to watch the videos,
you could pause the music at the side bar, simply press on the II button...
and if you want to listen to the music again... press play button!!!

The piece of music played id "Just a dream" by Nelly which covered by Sam Tsui