Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amazing Love?

someone said: Love is uncontrollable, that's why it's amazing but suck at the same time.

It's not must to be suck but just when the love is not "equal"
usually just one way have much more love then the other side

Monday, July 23, 2012

Control your feelings, Catch your chance?

Someone told me... ""I think I should stop like you so much/'', ""I think I start like you too much.""

The fact is, if you like someone, why would you stop it. Even nothing is not gonna happen at the end, at least it's gonna be your friend I guess? and if both of you wanna go on further but just couldn't cause of enviromental fact, it's not really you can't, it's just you think you can't.

Someone told me that Long Distance Relationship is not gonna work, it's gonna be hard, it's gonna tough. They are all ture if you both didn't love as much as the other person do. Temptation all around you, things just around make you feel misarble perhaps but if you really like a person, if both of you do, there's nothing could stop the love go on.
That's why even the Catholic Church (the Vatican) didn't say no to love between mans coz love are just so unlimited and couldn't be stop no matter what.

When you have this feeling like this one or simular:

[It freaks me out too but I can't help how I feel!!
Ever since I met you I haven't been able to stop thinking about you...  Your constantly on my mind...  And I hurt on the inside cause I'm so far away from you right now.
I don't know what to do...  All I know is that I need to see you again!!
I need to hold you in my arms...  I miss everything about you!!
Your smile, the way you make me laugh, your hand in mine...  The taste of your lips...
I love you Felix, that's all I know for sure...](sorry to put you up here but um it really have a big impact on me]

this is kind of the messages of in love... you will just think about them and can't have a second thinking properly.. you now as I do...
sometimes you will just do whatever for love and give out all the exception you never do or it just start with the first exception you give it out to a person you don't even know. You just feel he's good and nice and try it out then all go well like never before it can.

""We should stop this, I don't wanna start to miss you"" Love just confuse people sometimes. someone said: "Understanding Love is one of the hardest things in the world"... Maybe it's, really is.but when someone tell you, I don't wanna start to miss you, trust me, they will already and it's just gonna regret if you don't make the most out of it.
When You lose a chance, you are not just losing it now. Don't ever think you may still have that chance again  some time later coz every single chance are brand new, they are all unique. When u lose it now, you lose it forever. Even you have a similar chance afterwards, it's never the same anymore. Never...
they new chance may give you an outcome which you predict the last one may give it to you but you will never ever have the same experience anymore. Things you lost in the middle, you forever lost it and you will never ever catch it back.

There will never be a same exact moment ever. should just hope, wish you can use these time good, make the most out of it even it's so short as 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks or even just two days. If you give it a Go you may still have a nice memory afterwards and maybe you can have more after when another chance come by and you take it... but if you just let it go, say No to it. it doesn't mean anything to you perhaps, nothing at all in the moment or it just never gonna mean anything to you, you thought. It may not change your life but if you let the chance do it for you, your may just have a completely different life.

Take it or Leave it. sounds like so easy. Yea it's not hard to take it usually cause it just for a short time but when you Leave it, you let it go, pass by you forever. Every single moment which you let it pass by, it gone forever.
Catch it Now... love you all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fake Freedom, Fake Liberty

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
最無可藥救的是作為被奴僕的人還以為自已活在自由之中(Chinese Translation)

This is what I am talking about...
all the fake needs and demand created by the society makes you believe you are still a man with all the free will. Yea, you do have your free will but... your will have been controlled and you don't even know it! Think about what you got. Facebook, twitter, everything. Since when everyone needs to know what are you doing now and you wanted to share them.
It's reasonable that you shared some important and nice moments with your friends or so, to someone you care and love but when people start to share things to people who you don't really know, update your status every hour, tweeting your latest news ALL THE TIME! Mean it! All the time!!
Especially after Twitter and Facebook status can update by Text Message, it just go crazy, totally lol

Someone refuse to use all those but man are just so greedy and having unlimited demands and ofcause the enterprise

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


There're so many important things in life but are they really important or you are just been told it's important?

What do you think is important for you?
Is it religious things like Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage?
or Study like good High School, College, University?
What are really important for you?

It had been so much fun for me from June this year.
Friends visiting, staying in different hotels, crashing at friends couch, bed.
I can almost do Hotel reviews lol

too many visiting... Let's see how many I can list for now.
From visiting to work to both.
James, Steve, Jeff, Dean, Daniel, Dan, Michael, Mason, Pablo, lot lot more....
for me myself not living in the city, it's actually so much fun in Hong Kong to be a tourist... as I say all the time Hong Kong is awesome but for me.... It's not really awesome for living but it's really cool for travel and visit.

For me nothing much is ever important, life is short.
Albert Einstein said. I never worry about the future, it comes soon enough.
so why would you?
Love is so much easier... When you love it, you want it you go for it. Many friends of mine know it I have a theory no matter you agree it or not, that's why sometimes I really go for something. When I do it I meant it, I don't mind to wait for hours, as long as the result comes.
""I hate that when I can do something but I didn't and regret afterwards"", the regret is just too much for me to take. If you did it and fail, at least you have tried but if not it's such a waste of yourself, of your own chance

so when you think you should do it, stop thinking and go for it. Hmm something get me regret, funny story: so one day in the morning after a hook up, me and the mate want to get a cab but they seems all full, I was thinking maybe I should tell him: Hey give me a kiss and the miracle will happen... I should really said it coz the taxi just appear 5 seconds later, if I have said, it's gonna really like a miracle :p......
I know I know things don't come as you want like this all the time but what can I say man, maybe I am just a luck man....xD

so whatever you want to do, go for it and don't regret for it, you have the responsiblity, take it or leave it....
Regret for you have done but not you haven't~
you know I love and care you

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movie - The Crazies

In the middle of the night, being bored alone, watching Fox Movie Premium on my cable tv... it's a movie about disease and people sort of zombies but after all it's just all about trust.

it starts with a nice small little town, one day a plane crash and it contain a original virus which is going to be disposal and vanish in Texas but the plane just crash there and the virus start to spread. you know they just spread spread spread..... something normal about movies going...
There're people who dump their wife and children so they thought they can survive following the instructions of the government, some just can't ditch their families behind and got back for them and save them. for all the love and god sake, the couple get away from the disaster and the brutal killing of government, of cause it's all just movie and stories

but the very true thing is... all are just about trust of friends, lover, everyone...
someone told me you know some of the societies or circle, they just don't have trust, nothing is honest, maybe that's the way it works but that still doesn't mean you shouldn't give on and give a try for that. For god sake some lies are just for goods, you won't be happy about knowing the truth anyway, as long as it's not hiding from you forever or just something make you lost something, just go for it and forgive it... ofcoz cheating is not something which make you have no lost... unless it's an open relationship and i mean... if it's open, hmmmm you have expected that i suppose.

Currently something; is going on with my life besides of I am going to Seattle, if you are my real friend, you would have know it or if you had ever really notice my Facebook, you may have. Nothing really certain for now maybe but I trust and I still have a little faith that this may can work.... I am just gonna tell myself, this will work, this is working, it will be done!... I am going for it.. doing all these for you, are you gonna do the same?

Love you all,