Sunday, July 31, 2011

WYD Madrid, Spain to bring list~~ (Update 2)

...There's lots of things to prepare for World Youth Day (WYD/JMJ)!...
I did not pack a thing yet : p
Let's see what should prepare...

Religious Items:
  1. Bible (Old & New Testament, Digital?)
  2. Spiritual Reading Books
  3. Rosary Beads
  4. Pilgrim's Handbook (Missal, songs...)
  1. Tissue Paper
  2. 2 Towels... (and 1 more in advanced for sweat!!)
  3. Toothpaste &Toothbrush
  4. Shampoo & Soap 
  5. (Pack in Bagge!! Since the liquid volume in the airport has restricted to 100ml)
  6. (European go there through inter-rail are off-limit)
  7. Comp
  8. Nail Clipper (Pack in Luggage- International Aviation Rules)
  9. Hm....Laundry paper...for washing cloths when I leave the Center or for places you live (hostels, schools, sports ground etc...) without laundry equipment such as HEAVY washing powder!!
  1. Casual Clothing for 8days (and 2days in advance) with WYD Polo Shirts &at least 1 Shirt in case needed
  2. Long Trousers (in case of formal meeting and Mass!-You need a Long Trouser for Church and Cathedral)!
  3. Sport Shoes!
  4. Tie and Jacket or Sweater (it will be cool on mountains and night)
  5. Sleeping Bag
Personal Items:
  1. ...local money (EUR)...about 350-580 or as needed about the Duration of your stay
    • For my situation: I'm going for 3 weeks
  2. Local Identification Card (i.e. Hong Kong Identity Card)
  3. Passport!!
    • Copy of Passport (incase of emergency)
    • Copy of Travel Insurance document
    • Medical Certificate (if any medicine allergies)
    • Simple Medicine
    • Water Bottle
    • Umbrella (incase of bad raining)
    • Sleeping bag...(There'll be days sleeping on floor)
    • Material for inflight entertainment
      • just for me... since I can't sleep on any matter long haul or short.
    • one or two more book(s) for reading leisurely
    • a Torch...
      • for me...iPhone could do that
    • Things... for exchange with other WYD participants
      • I won't exchange shirt.... it gonna be lots of sweat during that period in Spain...
      • maybe cross or other... need to be prepare
      • 3WYD shirt...include the diocese and Sui Wo one...
    •  Chopsticks or other equipment for eating...(personal)
      • Visa Document for places needed to register (i.e. China)
      • Chargers for your electronic device (mobile)
      • Pens
      • Camera (take photos with bishops and pope~)
      • Radio and Earphones to know the Live information at there!! - Thanks Thomas for your advice!
      • Converting Adaptor!! (For people not using the Europe type)!
      • Plastic Bags (for wet and dirty cloths which await for wash)
      • After all, remember to bring a Sun Glasses and Sun Screen for hot and shiny weather in Spain!;
        • and of cause... your heart and spirit which is prepared!!!
          any others things to bring... leave me a comment~~
          I'll update this after commentS

          Before this end, lets see what will be include in the WYD bag pack for participant!!!
          It is to tally free and lots of nice stuff in it!!

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          1. nice list ! (:
            where are you going during the trip?
            --Braundt :D

          2. That will be my next blog entry... check it up tmr

          3. It seems that radio and earphone are also needed.